George Smits

"Our job is to follow our orders and respect the chain of command."

George Smits was a general in the Tech Infantry, who fought on the side of the Earth Federation during the Ascension War.

General InformationEdit

Smits was a career soldier and officer for his entire professional career. During the Ascension War, he served under Joseph Smythe as the head of Special Operations Command, and was a well respected leader. Among the officers under him were Lieutenant Colonel Richard Knowles, Major Bernard Dent, and Major William Bishop. He also worked closely with Captain Herbert Gergenstein for matters involving Military Intelligence. Early in his career he served under Ret. Lieutenant General Alfred Goldworth for many years.

His fate after his faction went down to defeat in that war is unknown.

Behind the ScenesEdit

General Smits was a character portrayed in the third season of Babylon 5. Thus our General Smits also has the Actor Avatar of Lewis Arquette.

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