Glass Walkers

Glass Walkers

Glasswalkers are one of the two tribes that have historically inhabited cities. Unlike most of the other Garou Tribes, this group of werewolves have embraced technology and can receive certain special abilities that allow them to influence or control technology and computers. Many Glass Walkers in the TI work in systems development or research new technologies. Others are field technicians who maintain and repair the complex weaponry and equipment needed for modern warfare. Outside the TI they are often business executives or inventive entrepreneurs and find ways to accumulate large amounts of wealth. Other Glasswalkers in the past have inhabited cities along with the Bone Gnawers, and the two tribes are on good terms with each other.

The Totem of the Glass Walkers is the cockroach.

Among the notable Glass Walkers at present is Captain Jason Regis, who serves in the Raptors under Major Bernard Dent.

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