Schematic of a standard Earth Fleet Grav Laser

A grav laser is a large and immensely powerful beam weapon for space combat. A Grav Laser is a large chemical laser which uses an artificial gravity field to focus the beam instead of a crystalline lens. This enables it to have beam energies and emitter diameters much higher than would be possible otherwise, by avoiding the problems of overheating associated with conventional designs. A grav laser can fire a beam so powerful that it would melt any physical lens in its path, no matter how optically perfect. For low-power shots for use in testing and such, retractable crystalline lenses are often fitted.

In space combat, Grav Lasers have an effective range of about a million kilometers.

Due to the large size of the grav laser equipment, they must be installed in fixed mounts on warships, not turrets, and consequently have a limited range of fire.  Grav lasers are too large to be installed on anything smaller than a light cruiser.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The design for these weapons was partially inspired by the Grasers (Gamma Ray Lasers) seen in the Honor Harrington series by David Weber.

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