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The first class of human starships to mount this weapon

A Gravitic Ram is the single most powerful weapon for space combat, tested on the Alexander-Class Battle Dreadnoughts, but since then mounted only in Star Control Ships. This weapon fires an artificial point singularity, a small black hole, towards its target. Range is limited to about half a million kilometers by the quantum mechanical effect that the artifical singularity will rapidly “evaporate” by emission of Hawking Radiation shortly after leaving the launcher, and once it loses enough mass/energy to cease being a singularity, all its considerable remaining energy is released in a colossal explosion of gamma rays. When used to bombard a planetary surface, the effect is similar to a dino-killer asteroid, and large craters are carved out of the surface.

Erich Von Shrakenberg used a Gravitic Ram in 2244 to carve an artificial crater deep into the mantle of Earth's Moon, prior to crashing into it in a huge starship at 80% of the speed of light, shattering the moon into a billion pieces that subsequently rained down upon the Earth, until the surface was mostly molten rock and the air a continuous hot dust storm.