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The only ship to ever carry this weapon

A Graviton Cannon is the smallest gravity-based starship weapon.  This device is basically a souped-up tractor beam emitter.  It fires a pulsed series of gravitons to produce a rapidly oscillating gravitic field.  As the beam passes through an enemy starship, parts of the target simultaneously feel powerful gravity fields in opposite directions only a few meters apart, and the ship is literally torn apart by its own weight.

This system was only ever installed on the EFS Stornoway, an experimental modification to a Rota-Class destroyer design.  Although initial tests carried out by Erich Von Shrakenberg were quite promising, the greater cost in terms of money and maintenance compared to quite-adequate weapons such as Lance Torpedoes led to the termination of the project.

The Stornoway continued in commision throughout the Third Civil War, but was sent to the scrapyard in 2250.  The Graviton Cannon was apparenty salvaged at some point and attached to a corvette, but when it was used in an Imperial Fleet raid on the Elysia system during the Ascension War in 2265, the second time the Graviton Cannon was fired it malfunctioned and blew out the artificial gravity system on the ship, killing the entire crew.

Behind the Scenes[]

This weapon system is based on one Martin Hohner created for a never-completed Star Trek fanfic story he tried to write back in High School.