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The Gryphon class of light assault vessels straddle the line between transport starships and small craft. They carry one Lance of Tech Infantry troopers (two platoons, or about 50 soldiers) and a pair of AT-14 Skyranger assault pinnaces to land them on a planet. However, the Gryphons are also capable of landing themselves, at least on planets with relatively thin atmospheres. Gryphons may be too large to fit into most shuttlebays, but they are frequently carried by Star Control Ships. In prolonged campaigns against Bug-infested worlds such as Fieras VI, they may be stationed semi-permanently at a battlestation in orbit, to drop off and pick up small detachments of troops at trouble spots planet-wide. Ships in this class are named for mythical beasts (and some that are non-mythical in the TI universe).

Known Ships[edit | edit source]

EFS Gryphon LSP-1201
EFS Basilisk LSP-1202
EFS Chimera LSP-1203
EFS Dragon LSP-1204
EFS Minotaur LSP-1205
EFS Manticore LSP-1206
EFS Sphinx LSP-1207
EFS Centaur LSP-1208
EFS Grendel LSP-1209
EFS Hydra LSP-1210
EFS Medusa LSP-1211
EFS Unicorn LSP-1212
EFS Tricorn LSP-1213
EFS Monoceros LSP-1214
EFS Werewolf LSP-1215
EFS Chupacabra LSP-1216
EFS Kraken LSP-1217
EFS Cyclops LSP-1218
EFS Caliban LSP-1219
EFS Wraith LSP-1220
EFS Changeling LSP-1221
EFS Gargoyle LSP-1222
EFS Homunculus LSP-1223
EFS Sasquatch LSP-1224
EFS Yeti LSP-1225
EFS Windigo LSP-1226
EFS Zergopha LSP-1227
EFS Beast LSP-1228
EFS Monster LSP-1229
EFS Serpent LSP-1230
EFS Roc LSP-1231
EFS Djini LSP-1232
EFS Xenomorph LSP-1233
EFS Pegasus LSP-1234
EFS Harpy LSP-1235
EFS Fury LSP-1236
EFS Vampire LSP-1237
EFS Ghoul LSP-1238
EFS Ghost LSP-1239
EFS Wyrm LSP-1240
EFS Demon LSP-1241

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

This class was designed by Nathan Bax, with details filled in by Martin Hohner. It was apparently one of the first ships designed for the game back in first or second season.

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