Clearly M. Savant is a fan of the dancing style popularized by Michael Jackson.

Gun Metal Grey was a rock band popular in the early 2240's.

Band History[edit | edit source]

They were known for their subversively political lyrics, many of them openly attacking the government, especially in the person of Arthur Clarke and his Raptors. This made them unpopular in certain government circles, and they became the target of several assassination and kidnapping plots, prompting the band's producer and head of security, Alex Grey, to hire a team lof bodyguards headed by Miro Creed. Miro thwarted at least one serious attack on the band, which led to him forming a romantic and sexual relationship with the band's lead singer, a beautiful redhead named Priscilla Savant.

Despite these dangers, the band toured the Federation to sold-out crowds, until in mid-2243 an attempted assassination of Savant in the middle of a concert on Babylon cost the life of one of her bodyguards, and their remaining tour dates were cancelled. Shortly thereafter, Alex Grey and the band's tour manager Mendota were killed, Savant herself was kidnapped and never seen again, and the band broke up. A few months later, Arthur Clarke returned from a brief exile to become the new Grand Council Chairman, and one of his first acts was the ban all Gun Metal Grey music from airplay or sales. This ban of course made them even more popular in the hipster underground, and when the ban was lifted 20 years later following the death of Clarke, their popularity soared to new heights as a new generation could openly enjoy their music. Under the Holy Terran Empire, their music was positively encouraged by the new regime, as it attacked the old regime and its policy of drafing all awakened humans into the Tech Infantry, a policy the Empire did not follow.

Sample Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Full Metal Jacket[edit | edit source]

“No choice, no reason, no love,

What Clarke wants is none of these!

He wants your loyalty,

He wants your devotion,

A twisted god, wanting your soul…”

Drop And Die (actual version)[edit | edit source]

"Ours is not to reason why,

ours is but to drop and die!

Fall like lightning from the sky,

fighting to defend the lie..."

Drop and Die (parody version)[edit | edit source]

"I wish you'd drop and die

You're not my kind of guy

Once I loved you, Now I've shoved you,

Out the door, goodbye!"

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Gun Metal Grey was of course created by Nathan Bax for the Miro Creed plotline in Season 4.3, which is where the first quoted snippet of song lyrics comes from. The other two are from a parody skit written by Martin Hohner.

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