The Gurahl Tribe consists of werebears. Their numbers were dwindling prior to the formation of the TI due to loss of habitat, being hunted by some Garou Tribes, and lack of allies. However, the formation of the TI has helped this group make a comeback. Of the major subgroups of this Tribe before the formation of the TI, the ones that are still prominent are the grizzlies' Mountain Guardians, who were once from the Pacific Northwest extending up into Alaska; and polar bear Ice Stalkers, once from former Canadian subartic regions. While their former territories are no longer recognizable due to the devistation of Earth that was the result of the destruction of the moon by Erich Von Shrakenberg, these groups are known to gather for special cerimonies and festivles even to this day.

Physically, the werebears are well known for their extreme strength when in Crinos. When in this form the typical werebear can stand up to fiifteen feet high and can weigh over a thousand pounds. In this form they have been known to be able to pick up and throw large vehicles. Yet despite their incredible strength, they only have the speed of a normal human. This means that when compared to other types of werecreatures and vampires they are very slow.

With in the TI many werebears are assigned to heavy infantry and artillery support divisions. One well regarded werebear in the TI is Major Bernard Dent currently serving in the Raptors.

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