Target the Feds! Somebody fire!

Augustus "Gus" Simeon was the Left Sword of the Faithful, the head of the Righteous Navy of the Christian Federation during the Third Civil War. A former Earth Fleet Officer, his career didn't get very far, and he retired after commanding several small warships, but never getting a major capital ship of his own. Tapped to lead the meager space fleet of the Christian Federation during the Third Civil War, he personally led the attacks on Beowulf and Phoenix, capturing both systems by clever use of suicide ships, obsolete warships, and hastily armed freighters. At Phoenix, his forces captured the Alexander-class Dreadnought EFS Napoleon, and had it renamed the RNS St. Andrew to be his new flagship. Unknown to him, the ship had been sabotaged by members of its repair crew, led by Xinjao O'Reilly. As he was taking his new flagship on its first mission, to personally command the invasion of the Valkyrie system, the ship's sabotaged gravity drive tore itself apart, destroying itself and several smaller warships around it preparing for the formation of a Jump Point to hyperspace. Sword Simeon was killed in the explosion, and he was replaced as head of the navy by Sword Berthold "Blitz" Kraft.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Like many in the Christian Federation, he was inspired by and named for Grayson or Masadan characters in the Honorverse stories of David Weber. His Actor Avatar is Chiwetel Ejiofor.

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