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Hey, in K'Nes space, the retro look is IN!

The HF-2 Harrach Heavy Assault Fighter is the largest starfighter in the K'Nes Llan Fleet.  It is big, comparatively slow, less maneuverable than other K'Nes fighters, and has no stealth suite, but is heavily armed and armored.  A dedicated ship-killer designed primarily for fire support, the Harrach packs sixteen heavy anti-ship missiles and a massive 50-cm turret-mounted chemlaser with the longest range of any K'Nes fighter.  For defense, it's the only fighter equipped with a plasma phalanx point-defense grid.  Easy to catch but hard to kill, the Harrach is tough nut to crack.

The Harrach is operated by two K'Nes spacers, a pilot and a gunner.  It cannot operate in an atmosphere.  It is manufactured at the Gurrmew Construction Yards in K'Laek by Gurrmew & Yeomurt LLP.  Its rough equivalent in human service would be the Federation's AF-12 Avenger, or the Eastern Bloc's J-4 Daimyo

Behind the Scenes[]

The Harrach was designed by player Ed Stasheff, and inspired by a gyroscope toy he had as a kid.