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The first settlement on Hadley, housing the construction crew building the arcology that would one day be Hope Settlement

Hadley is a system along the former border between what was the Earth Federation and what was once the Eastern Bloc.

Early HistoryEdit

Hadley was once a world of the Katarn, but they were wiped out by the Bugs in the first decade of the 23rd Century, and the Tech Infantry drove the Bugs from the planet in turn a few years later.  Only marginally suitable for human life after all this fighting, the planet is still in the process of being terraformed by means of Atmosphere Condensers.

Modern HistoryEdit

During the Third Civil War, the planet was the scene of much fighting between forces of the Earth Federation and later its Tech Infantry Rebels trying to resist invasions by the Eastern Bloc.  The Caal Invasion of 2264 further devastated the planet's population.  Although the Caal did not take over nearly as large a percentage of the populace as they did on nearby Jennifer's Star, when Imperial forces resumed control following the Ascension War, their efforts to make sure no Caal-possessed people survived killed most of the survivors, possessed or not.

Hadley was granted as a fiefdom to House Silverton, and is currently in the process of being resettled.


There were four principal settlements on Hadley: the cities of Hope, Faith, Charity, and Patience.  Each had up to a couple of hundred thousand people mostly crammed into a single, pressurized Arcology-style structure, whose above-ground portion resembled an ancient Egyptian Pyramid in dark metal.  Extensive underground tunnels provided most of the living space as well as hydroponic farms for food and oxygen replenishment.  A scattering of smaller settlements between the main cities held a few dozen families each.

Hope was badly damaged by an Eastern Bloc siege, assault, and artillery bombardment during Operation Market Valley during the invasion by the Eastern Bloc in 2243.  Patience was nearly destroyed by a Vin Shriak raiding party during the Vin Shriak Holy War.  Charity had its entire population taken over by the Caal and sent to Jennifer's Star and later Avalon as an invasion force.  Faith was shortly later destroyed by a nuclear weapon dropped by Imperial forces following what turned out to be erroneous reports of a major Caal presence.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Hadley is named for the town of Hadley's Hope on the planet LV-426 in the movie Aliens.  The three cities of Hope, Faith, and Charity are both a nod to the original source of the planet's name and to the three obsolescent biplanes that at one point were pretty much all that stood between the island of Malta and conquest by the Nazis.

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