He's reformed... really!

Haythorn Zhant was formerly the serial killer "Betty Diggs," known throughout the Holy Terran Empire as a murderous psychopath who gave his victims the choice of digging another's grave or getting killed in his own. He was hideously scarred across his face, and as a result, was instantly recognizable. Traditionally, Zhant was said to mumble to his associates, "Bet he digs." Later in life, he reformed and became a devoutly religious man, trying to seek forgiveness for the awful crimes he caused.

And apparently he played a lot of Minecraft

He served one of the houses as a soldier, and his change of heart did not change his obligation to his house. In 3202, he was assigned to help another house's heir and daughter escape an arranged marriage and hook up with her former lover. They were caught between the Emperor’s subjects and a shadowy figure who desired the daughter for his own ends. The shadowy figure was later revealed as Lwan Eddington, who and finally died trying to get her. Unfortunately, the daughter was again kidnapped, and Zhant and the group went after her. It was then that they learned the truth behind Vin Dane, and his desire for "Star Souls," the incredibly gifted of any species. The Emperor needs these star souls to rejuvenate his body, and feed to Kuar in order to keep himself from having his spirit absorbed into the sword in turn.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Zhant was Marcus' character for Season 7, and was inspired by the character of Rev Bem in Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. The name "Haythorn" was taken from the name of an author on his bookshelf, "Haythornwaite."

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