Sure, he's just a merchant... but mess with his girlfriend, and he'll chop your head off.

Miao K'Rrowr K'Heth (or Heth for short) is the Assistant Vice Director of the Securities Division of Miao Mercantile, Inc. Although that sounds impressive, because of the intermingling of commerce, family, social, and political status that is common among the K'Nes, he is actually quite low on that culture's totem pole. Securities handles convoy protection and bodyguard details; a position with limited opportunity for profit.

Once a rising star in the Miao corporation, he made a mistake, and it cost him a significant portion of his assets, his position, and the procreative rights to Prurr K'Aou K'Miu, LEO of MIRADI (the Miu Institute for Research and Development, Inc.), a desirable businessfemale.

The Miao family itself was also excluded from the Executive Board of the K'Nes Llan, a delibrate snub, despite possessing 5% of the government's shares. Although they hold the majority shares on their home planet, Nhur, they remain politically isolated.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Ed Stasheff, who developed the character, also worked out the details of this culture... which had been relatively ignored up to this point. In his explanation, the three name system of the K'Nes is Clan Name -> Pride Name -> Personal Name.
  • Storyteller Marcus Johnston based Heth's appearance (black & white) on Ed's cat, Porter.
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