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His NAME is *HEX*!

Hex, also known as "the grey man", does not exist.

Patient 6-1-8 to KiddoEdit

But, of course, he did exist. He was the result of a Federation secret project known as Project Zeus to breed Mages and raise them under laboratory conditions to be perfect warriors. He was born and raised on the EFS Auschwitz, a converted merchant liner used as a spaceborne research center, permanently moored in a secluded region of hyperspace. As a research subject, he was never given a proper name, so for his first few years he was known as Patient 6-1-8, although he eventually recieved the affectionate nickname of "Kiddo". Later allowed to chose his own name, he picked "Hex", and so that was the name he was most frequently known by as a teenager and adult.

Kiddo to HexEdit

His life in The Center, as it was called in his presence, was a mix of intensive training in all forms of fighting and combat, education in technical subjects and military history, and physical conditioning that approached levels of torture. Social interaction skills were not very high on the curriculum. His primary mentor, instructor, and tormentor was known to him as "Dr. Atkins", although it is unlikely that it was his real name. As part of his mental conditioning, Dr. Atkins heaped such abuse upon the boy that the Doctor became the focus of all the boy's resentment, rage, and hatred. He was then "replaced" by a "Dr. Xactos", who was actually the same Dr. Atkins in disguise. Now behaving far more benevolently, the contrast led Hex to attach himself to Dr. Xactos as his beloved father figure. For a few years, his companion in these trials was his "sister", a young girl whose nickname was "Pint". She later washed out of the program and was dumped in an orphanage, from which she later escaped and joined The Resistance, taking the name Cerise. Meanwhile, Hex had been mentally conditioned to forget that she ever existed.

Hex to AssassinEdit

Hex himself passed his tests with flying colors, and at the age of 16 was sent out on his first mission: the assassination of Mary Obanye, a Federation Senator who had defected to the Resistance and gone into hiding in a safehouse on New Paris. Hex flew to New Paris in a shuttle to track her down, by the method of wandering the back alleys of the rough parts of town and waiting to be ambushed by vampires, muggers, or thugs, then turning the tables on them and capturing and torturing them for information. Once he'd gotten a lead on the Resistance, or on someone else who might lead him to the Resistance, he invariably killed his victims so as to leave no witnesses. He eventually found Senator Obanye's hiding place, wiped out the Resistance cell guarding her, and executed her for her treason. As he was escaping, he was confronted by a beautful Resistance operative named Brigette. Unable to bring himself to kill her, he let her live. But when she demanded an explanation for why he killed her friends, he was unsure how to answer. Wounded in the fight, he left her behind, but promised to look her up later to continue their converation.

Assassin to Resistance FighterEdit

On his way back to the Center, he stopped for lunch in a shuttle tranfer station in orbit above Avalon. There, he was confronted with another resistance cell...led by his long-lost "sister", Cerise! Promising to help him unlock his memories of his past, they persuaded him to go with them rather than returning to the Center. With her help, he was able to awaken more fully as a Mage, and he remembered that Dr. Xactos and the hated Dr. Atkins were one and the same person. Unwilling to return to the service of his long-time tormentor, he joined the Resistance willingly, but he had some unfinished business. While Cerise escaped with her cell leader Kash to Babylon, Hex returned to New Paris, looked up Brigette as he had promised, and informed her of his changed allegiance. With him now on her side, she no longer quite wanted to kill him for what he did to her friends, but still didn't quite trust him, either. When he helped her escape from a raid by Mosby's Rangers, killing their leader Carmen Mosby in the process, she agreed to accompany him back to Babylon to meet up again with Cerise's resistance cell. There, Hex recieved his first formal mission: under the command of strike team leader Csilla Aurelius, he was sent to destroy a Christian Federation weapons production center.

Resistance Fighter to Holy WarriorEdit

While en route to Arnheim to attack the weapons facility, the strike team went through a series of intensive training simulations aboard their ship. During these training sessions, Hex and Brigette both became confused about their growing feelings for each other, and their dedication to the cause of the Resistance. Before they could reach any sort of conclusion relationship-wise, however, they reached Arnheim and began their strike mission. Although the initial attack went far more smoothly than expected, it was all a trap. Miller Loosier, the team's sniper, betrayed them, murdering Brigette and leading the rest of the team into ambush that killed everyone except Hex. Hex himself was wounded and knocked unconscious, and captured by the Righteous Army. Waking up in custody, he was questioned by a Captain of the Faithful named Ira Weiss, himself a powerful Mage, who preached to Hex and showed him a vision of Angels.

Converted on the spot, Hex accpeted Christ as his personal savior, and agreed to switch sides to join the Righteous Army. Weiss introduced him to Andrew Tremont himself, who assigned Hex to an elite strike team known as Sigma Squad, led by Deacon Wade Kennedy. Their first assignment was to pave the way for the Christian Federation invasion of Valkyrie. Hex and the rest of Sigma Squad set out for Valkyrie in a freighter, and upon reaching that system encountered and captured the Earth Fleet frigate EFS Allegrezza, which crash-landed them on the planet. This became the impromptu spearhead of the invasion, and Sigma Squad took out the Orbital Defense command center, played a key role in the fall of the city of New Gary, and thus delivered the Valkyrie system unto the Christian Federation in spectacularly successful manner.


He later joined the Righteous Army in the Christian Federation, but soon discovered that he had moral and ethical objections to it. Calton Reks found these objections treasonable and arrested him, judged him, and sentenced him to death. Seconds before he was executed, he was rescued by a future form of himself, later known as the Grey Man, who was responsible for taking the Orb out of the timeline back before the 2nd Civil War.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Hex was the season 4.3 player character of Andy Wooden. His Actor Avatar is Elijah Wood.

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