The Eye in the Moon logo of the Hollow ones, derisively known as the "Occult Asshole" by other factions

The Hollow Ones are a minor group of Mages who are part of neither the Technocracy nor the Traditions. They reject the idea of intense scientific-like analysis of Magick as practiced by the Technocracy, as well as the tradition-bound, heavily mystical and symbolic magick as practiced by the Traditions. Instead, they embrace only the style of magick, not its substance, and are thus seen as ignorant dilettantes by most other Mages. Their membership thus includes both the very weakest mages, unwilling or unable to study higher forms of magic and reduced to cheap parlor tricks and half-memorized spells, as well as some of the most naturally powerful mages around, whose lack of focus and effort is the only thing holding them back from immense arcane power. While most other factions consider them the dregs and poseurs of the Magickal world, the Hollow Ones themselves claim descent from Lord Byron and other 19th-century occultists of his ilk, and they may not be exaggerating too much when they do so.

While they were a very numerous sect in the 19th and 20th centuries, since Gehenna, the Tech Infantry's practice of drafting anyone who shows even an inkling of magickal power into the ranks of the military has imposed a sort of discipline and work ethic onto many former Hollow Ones, breaking them out of their rut and severing their ties with whatever loose organization they might have had. Those who evade the draft and flee to join the Resistance usually don't last too long, either being caught due to their inexperience and ineptitude, or being forced to adopt more rigorous styles of magick simply to survive on the run. The Hollow Ones are therefore mostly limited to a few teenage mages old enough to be awakened, but too young or weak to attract the notice of the Raptors and be dragged off to Basic Training.

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