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The throne was set up to levitate upon activation.

Horrath VI was the last king of the K'Nes Tor. He is best known for allying with the Vulthra during the 2nd Vulthra War, and caused the loss of K'Nes independence. However, before the war, he was known for his financial acumen, and his aggressive policies to ensure an extended bull market.

Horrath's rise to the throne was considered a good omen for the continued financial stability of the monarchy. Born as Horrath K'Urrin H'Iss, he was the third child of Horrath V, but the crown prince's insolvancy threatened to plunge the monarchy into bankruptcy when he achieved the throne. H'Iss used his honorary position as Lord of the Royal Gardens to market Imperial Catnip, a designer brand of nepeta. Through aggressive marketing, his brand became a huge fashion symbol, and his profits exploded. This gave him the funds to buy up the crown prince's debts, and used that leverage to demand immediate payment. This forced Crown Prince M'Kirr into early backruptcy and made him ineligable for the throne. The next in line, his sister R'Eep immediately threw support to H'Iss, in exchange for a silent partnership in Imperial-brand products.

Once crowned, Horrath VI immediately convinced the large mercantile houses into more risky enterprises in Federation space. Through this aggressive exploitation of Arthur Clarke's Five Acts, the K'Nes experienced an amazing level of economic expansion, due to the degregation of the humans' government-dominated economy. This ended with their alliance with the Vultura. The K'Nes fleet was destroyed by the Earth Fleet and their worlds occupied. He was imprisoned during the human occupation, but his execution was stayed for fear of a K'Nes revolt. Unfortunately, Horrath died in prison before his people achieved their independence.

He had fourteen children, including Horrath K'Urrin K'Meorr, the current LEO of the K'Nes Llan.

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