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We saved the good colors for the bigger houses

House Jordan is the noble house that rules the Circe system. One of the newest houses, the Circe system was only declared Bug-free and opened for civilian settlement in 2277.

Head of House[]

The Countess of Circe and head of House Jordan is Countess Rebecca Jordan, first cousin of Duke Jordan Landon, the murdered first Duke of St. Michael's Star, killed by his own ground forces commander when he refused to surrender his system to the invading Earth Federation forces during the Ascension War. Most of his family and retainers were wiped out, either by treasonous Imperial Guard forces who switched sides, or by Earth Federation Light Infantry forces brought in by Joseph Smythe. His young first cousin, however, was away at boarding school on New Paris at the time, and thus spared from the slaughter. Deemed too young for the task of rebuilding the shattered planetary infrastructure and economy after the system was liberated following the death of Smythe and collapse of what remained of his Rump Federation, and out of imperial favor due to the failure of her family to adequately defend such a key system, she was not allowed to ascend to the Dukedom, and it was handed instead to Lord General Wayne Anthony, an Imperial Guard general who had led the force that re-asserted Imperial control over the system at the end of the war. There remains some bad blood between House Jordan and House Anthony, as well as their political allies in House Weldon, to this day. Young Rebecca worked hard to regain Imperial favor, and upon graduation from Carlisle University entered the Imperial Navy. She distinguished herself in combat against rogue K'Nes traders and pirates, finally captaining a destroyer that took out a Bug Dreadnought during a battle in the Boyne system. Now back in Imperial favor, she was rewarded with the right to form her own Noble House and govern the newly-liberated Circe system. The Emperor felt that someone with her youthful energy and drive could develop the young colony world through its troublesome early years, and her military experience was a good fit with its astrographical position near two hostile borders.

Behind the Scenes[]

This was the first House Entry written, as a sort of practice exercise and test. Obviously the format needs work. Countess Rebecca Jordan is named for the character of Rebecca Jorden, better known as Newt, from the movie Aliens. Her coat of arms involves the symbol from the "Air" stone in the movie The Fifth Element, as well as the Nike Swoosh, as a pun on Air Jordans.