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Hugh Montgomery is a Wraith who once was in the service of Melissa Cortona. Following her death he joined the Grim Legion, which is a large organization of like minded wraiths, and now occasionally performs tasks for William Bishop.

Mortal HistoryEdit

Montgomery was born in India in 1880. He became well known as a world class cricket player. He also enlisted in the British Royal Navy when he was a young adult. During World War I he fought among the Royal Marines, acquired an impressive war record and was mentioned in dispatches no fewer than six times. Towards the end of the war he was awarded a Distinguished Service Order medal. His cousin Bernard Montgomery also presented him with a Sapphire which had been mined in India.  Just before the conclusion of World War I, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

In 1920 he was seconded to the British Army in the Anglo-Irish War. During this year, he was shot along with several other British officers who were assassinated by Irish gunmen in an event dubbed Bloody Sunday. He himself passed away three weeks later.

Wraith HistoryEdit

While lying in the hospital bed after being shot on Bloody Sunday, Montgomery felt that his life's mission was unfulfilled. Passing away as an honorary Lt. Colonel in the Royal Marines was not enough for him. While lying in the hospital bed, Hugh held on to the Sapphire that Bernard had given him and he realized the present was a blessing and a curse. Since it was from India it would constantly bring to mind the more pleasant memories of his past, especially his early days playing cricket, but at the same time it would be a reminder of Bernard, who was fulfilling the destiny which by all rights should have been Hugh's.

The Saphire would serve as an symbolic anchor that would keep his soul tied to the land of the living where he could possibly fulfill his true destiny and achieve greatness in some way, whereas at the same time it would prevent him from leaving the world. This was the moment that he began to become a wraith. Later, his body was buried with the sapphire on his chest by his family. For decades that followed, Hugh wandered the depths of the Labrynth. During his travels in the underworld, he wrestled with the demons of his own soul, with his higher self seeking to return to the land of the living to deal with the unfinished business of his life, and his lower self seeking to dissipate into Oblivion and pass away for good. In the end, his higher self prevailed, and he managed to hang on to enough of his personality and memories to return to reality as a Wraith.

Even though his death was made public, his body and the Sapphire, also known as his "Fetter" was left undesturbed for decades. Out of jealousy and spite, Hugh played a key role in helping his more famous and successful cousin, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, suffer significant losses in his early missions in North Africa during World War II.

However, his presence on the battlefield was sensed by a Giovanni vampire known as Angelo. Angelo believed that the defeats that Montgomery were experiencing were more than coincidental. Giovanni vampires had long dabbled in necromancy, and he knew well how to find and control wraiths such as this one. He researched and eventually discovered that Hugh Montgomery was Bernard's cousin, had died on Bloody Sunday, and suspected that he might be the cause. Angelo then dug up Hugh's grave, obtained his Sapphire, and thereby gained the ability to influence and control the wraith.

Recent EventsEdit

During April of 2265, Angelo a Giovanni Vampire was defeated in a major street war on Wilke's Star by Melissa Cortona and William Bishop. Melissa gained control of his Fetter (the Saphire) and Montgomery agreed to work for her and Bishop. The three of them unraveled a conspiracy within the Sabbat headed by Claudius Giovanni and played a major role in his death. Following the defeat of Claudius they went to Avalon on a mission to try and recover the Orb. In a fight against Delmar Palencia Melissa lost her life and Bishop took control of the the fetter shortly after he defeated him. Following this, while Montgomery was in a slumber and reprieve he traveled to the Shadow Lands and was approached by the Smiling Lord leader of the Grim Legion. The Smiling Lord had learned of Montgomery's part in killing Claudius Giovanni, who was hated by many of his wraiths. He offered Montgomery a position as one of his personal executioners (body guard). Montgomery accepted.

Following this, when Montgomery returned to the land of the living he informed Bishop of his decision and the nature of their relationship would need to change. Bishop agreed and promised to keep Montgomery's fetter safe in exchange for specific favors from time to time.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The name Hugh Montgomery is homage to a real British Royal Marines Officer whose history has been adapted to this game. Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery was in fact his cousin in real life. For more information regarding wraiths refer to the following link to the White Wolf Wiki website. Wraith: The Oblivion. His Actor Avatar is the CGI effect used to portray The Twins in The Matrix Reloaded. It is unknown whether this is Neil or Adrian Rayment.

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