Makes you want to leap over the trench, doesn't it?

The Imperial Army is the official name of ground forces for the Holy Terran Empire. Originally led by Field Marshal Demar Palencia, they are made up of veterans from Tech Infantry and Light Infantry units, as well as volunteers who are members of the Cult of the Emperor. Although their units are often organized along the lines of the old Earth Federation units they came from, the hierarchy has been streamlined in order to eliminate bureaucratic waste. Each task force has a Lord General, who outranks the admiral and general in charge of the space and ground based forces in a given operation, allowing for a unified chain of command. Although their cadre is strong, much of their line personnel were rather green, and were more effective on paper than in the field.

After the Ascension War , their numbers shrank, and many of their members were absorbed into the armies of the houses . A more elite force remains, primarily on Avalon, but several detachments are posted through the Empire.

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