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And to think Carolingian Minoscule is actually easier to read than what went before.

The Inconnu were a group of elder vampires of fourth through sixth generation who formed a secret society to prepare for (and, if possible, delay or prevent) the day when the Antediluvians would awaken. Knowing that the return of the Antediluvians could be nothing but bad news, whether they awoke to destroy or subjugate their childer, the Inconnu tried to find the sleeping places of the Antediluvians so they could be destroyed while still in Torpor, and to build an army capable of defeating them if they arose for Gehenna. In their devotion to these goals, they pledged to stay out of the mundane day-to-day political power struggles of the Camarilla and the Sabbat, and attracted members from both factions.

When Gehenna actually came in 2001, however, they were not sufficiently prepared after all. Despite fighting back mightily, they proved unable to face the combined threat of multiple Antediluvians awakening at once. Faced with a Camarilla united behind Ventrue and Arikel, and a Sabbat gutted by the surprise defection of the Black Hand to the Camarilla side, the Inconnu and the remnants of the Sabbat were defeated. While the Sabbat leadership managed to retreat back into hiding, and the Camarilla went on to be defeated in turn by the Tech Infantry and forced to flee to the Umbra, the Inconnu saw most of their top leadership destroyed, and the organization broken up. The surviving members either submitted to the Antediluvians and joined the Camarilla in the Umbral City of Enoch, or joined the Sabbat and helped Mordred put his organization back together after the disastrous defection of the Black Hand, so as to continue the quest to destroy the Antediluvians. With the death of Ventrue and Arikel, Mordred is left as the closest thing to a true Antediluvian, and so the handful of survivors among the former Inconnu members are divided over whether to seek to gain control of the leaderless remnants of the Camarilla, or finish the job they set out to do in the first place by killing Mordred.

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