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There are three things a man must do alone - be born, die and, well, we all know the other one.

Irene is an independent ghoul that is associated with the Sabbat.

General Information[]

Born in 2210, Irene became a ghoul at the age of 22 in 2232 as a vassal under an elder in the Sabbat called Victor Lynch. Lynch was not a part of the offical hierarchy but he had been a vampire in the Sabbat for three centuries and was well respected. Irene was completely loyal and strictly followed his orders until he died during the War of Blood. During her service under Lynch she developed a reputation for being very clever, dangerous, and influential towards those outside the organization. Following his death, the Sabbat decided that she would be a greater asset to the organization as free lance independent ghoul and not be a vassal with a direct master, especially since her former master was not technically a part of the Sabbat heirarchy. She enjoys many of the same privilages and respect as some of the vampires in the Sabbat. Never-the-less, while Irene is not a direct vassal to any particular vampire in the Sabbat, she is accountable to Cardinal Malikait and he is considered her de facto sire. She is also accountable to the organization as a whole. Presently, she is serving in a Pack on Midgar and reports to a Sabbat Bishop named David Marcus who is in control of two Packs operating on the planet.

Behind the Scenes[]

The player that created this NPC selected the name Irene based upon Irene Adler from the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie. While the NPC and Irene are different in many respects, both are attractive and smart. Her Actor Avatar, on the other hand, is Asia Argento.