Dr. Malik in Glabros Form

Dr. Irfan Malik was a Lieutenant in the Tech Infantry medical corps, and served as a field medic with the 10th Legion. He was a Werelizard.

Early LifeEdit

Irfan Malik was born in 2224 on New Paris to a family of mixed Anglo-Pakistani heritage. As a young child, he was a computer enthusiast, and his grades earned him a draft deferrment and a scholarship to college for an engineering degree. However, he soon decided that his true interests lay elsewhere, and he transferred to the Pre-Med program, eventually graduating with a degree in Combat Medicine. Knowing that, as a werelizard, he would have to serve his five years in the Tech Infantry upon graduation, he focused on treating battle injuries and other trauma, and learned to supplement his medical skills with Gifts of Gaian Spirits.

Military CareerEdit

Joining the Tech Infantry a few years after the conclusion of the Third Civil War, he served on the front lines againt the Bugs, the Jurvain, the Vin Shriak, and the Vulthra. None of those opponents having ever heard of the Geneva Conventions, TI Field Medics are not unarmed and do as much fighting as they do healing. Several times he was decorated for bravery, saving the lives of fellow soldiers and ending the lives of his enemies. During the fighting against the Jurvain, he even learned to use drugs and torture to extract vital information from enemy prisoners, despite the added resistance to such techniques that their Commonality hivemind gives them. His final assignment was as field medic to the covert strike group sent to assassinate Vin Dane on Avalon at the climax of the Ascension War. Dr. Malik was killed in action during the assault on the Emperor's communications Bunker beneath the Round Table.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The real Irfan Malik was a close High School friend of one of the players, and was responsible for re-interesting him in Star Trek after the poor quality of the first season of TNG had turned him off the genre for a few years. The character is also inspired in part by Malack, an albino lizardfolk cleric from The Order of the Stick. His Actor Avatar is Vinnie Jones, specifically in his role as a scaly-skinned crime lord in the short-lived superhero TV series The Cape.

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