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Because some character concepts aren't freaky enough...

Isis was a living computer entity, magickally created in the early days of the Earth Federation, and eventually became a member of the 1st Triumvirate. It is uncertain whether she was originally a Mind mage who managed to transfer her body to an electronic form or whether she was a purely artificial intelligence. Although initially limited to computer networks -- she is often invoked as the creator of the FedNet -- she later developed an android body to walk around in.

In the later half of the 22nd Century, she found Pyramus Grey, another mind mage who an officer in the Tech Infantry. Seeing potential, she assisted him in his personal mission to reach oracle status, and he quickly became a leader in the TI, switching toInternal Security, and then eventually being elected to the Grand Council. One of his secret projects helped create Isis' android body.

Isis was eventually defeated in the 1st Civil War and her core personality wiped by Richard Fox. It is said that he later used the same technique to transfer his consciousness to an artificial intelligence matrix.

Behind the Scenes[]

There are several scientific databases, Library information storage systems, and even programming languages named ISIS, not to mention comic-book characters and an Egyptian goddess. So it made a great name for an AI supervillain.