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Israfel "Izzy" D'Argent is a vampire who owns Sylvania, a resort / theme park planet / moon.  It's located on New Sparta in the Hadrian System.  Also known as the "Wizard of Iz," he has established an entertainment empire based on the simple premise of making people happy.

He is also rather reclusive and so always conducts business through a hologrammatic avatar, hence his nickname.  Vampires being actively hunted by both the Earth Federation and the Holy Terran Empire, his reclusivity is very necessary, both to protect him from the authorities (bribes to the right people also help), but to protect other people from his own baser instincts.  In fact, Izzy's lair deep beneath his theme park is in fact also his prison, carefully designed and built by himself to prevent his own escape when the blood lust takes hold of his mind.  It usually works: there have only been a tiny handful of mysterious disappearances of young children in the maintenance tunnels beneath his amusement park.  For children are not just his greatest joy and prime customer base, they are also his preferred prey.

It is believed that Izzy's been around since at least the 20th Century and generally avoids contact with other vampires.  He was in fact once an animation artist at the Walt Disney company, and based both his theme park and his public persona on the ideas of Walt himself, his personal idol.

The Golden Ticket Society[]

In 2265, at the height of the Ascension War, Izzy decided that it was time to end his reclusive withdrawal from the world and have a more lasting positive influence.  After consultations with his old friend Lwan Eddington, he sent out agents to find the best and noblest people in positions of authority in human space, and invite them to his Amusement Park, supposedly as winners of a raffle for a free vacation, but in reality to closely observe and test them to find a Great Leader capable of unifying humanity and putting an end to the endless cycle of civil wars and rebellions that characterized the history of the Earth Federation.  He was looking for a leader both capable of achieving great power, and exercising it with benevolence and restraint.  And he found it in a little girl, Victoria Sylvest.  It was actually little Victoria's mother he had been investigating, and who he had invited to the park along with three others, but Victoria blew him away with her charisma, charm, and fierce determination to do what she thought was right.

(to be continued)

Behind the Scenes[]

Izzy was the Player Character for "Mlle Myriel Bienvenu" during the Ninth Season.  He was based heavily on a character she created for a previous graphic novel project of hers, and also quite a bit inspired by Willy Wonka, and with more than a touch of Doctor Who.