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The J-4 Daimyo is a heavy assault starfighter originally developed for use by the Eastern Bloc. Manufactured by Sinotech Corporation, first in Guangzhou on Earth and then on Showa, the Daimyo was the Eastern Bloc equivalent in role and capability of the AF-12 Avenger.  Like the Avenger, the pilot sits in a panoramic forward viewing blister, with a weapons and systems operator behind him operating the more complex sensor and attack systems.

Built around a main armament of six powerful Taichi Missile, the Daimyo also carries two turret-mounted 7-cm chemlasers for point defense and a forward-firing chin-mounted heavy railgun.  Small internal weapons bays built into the dorsal and vental surfaces of the central fuselage also can carry Wakizashi or Katana missiles for defense against enemy interceptors, but the heavy and ponderous Daimyo is not intended for dogfighting.

No longer in front-line service after the destruction of the Eastern Bloc in the Vin Shriak Holy War, a handful soldier on with local defense wings, mostly for houses ruling systems formerly in the Terran Republic or Eastern Bloc, or are in private hands (such as the Yasuyama clan) as museum pieces, for use as convoy escorts, or demilitarized private spacecraft.  These last often have the missile tubes removed in favor of additional cargo space or fuel tankage.  Some are even used by pirates, as their heavy anti-starship armament can be quite intimidating to unarmed or lightly-armed commercial spacecraft.

Behind the Scenes[]

A Daimyo was a member of the hereditary nobility of Feudal Japan, the sort of guy who'd employ a Samurai or a Ninja.  The name was chosen as it is the big brother to the Shinobi (Ninja) and Ronin (Masterless Samurai). Not yet seen in-story (only briefly refered to once), this information is provided mostly as background information for future writers.  The design is by Martin Hohner, and was partly inspired by the TIE Interceptors from Star Wars.