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Young J.J. Adams before the Second Civil War

Julian Jacob Adams was a high-ranking officer in Earth Fleet during the Third Civil War. He hated his first and middle names and was always referred to by his initials instead.

As a Commodore, he commanded Task Group 23.4, consisting of Destroyer Squadron 15 and the battlecruiser EFS Vanguard, part of the larger Task Force 23 which was sent to liberate New Madrid from the Tech Infantry Rebels. His task group was ordered to carry out a cee-fractional strike to destroy the defensive battlestations above the planet, as well as the Star Control Ship EFS Jutland, captured by the Rebels in battle and immobilized while under repair. They were successful in their mission, destroying the EFS Jutland, half the battlestations, and several other warships in orbit, but took heavy losses themselves, losing three of their four destroyers.

Adams survived on board his lone remaining destroyer, the EFS Benedict, but without a task group to command, operational control of the ship reverted to his flag captain, Erich Von Shrakenberg. Adams resumed command when Von Shrakenberg was injured fighting a Jurvain battlecruiser which had tried to ambush them as they left the system, and the destroyer was picked up by the EFS Vanguard, which towed the crippled destroyer back to Avalon for repairs.

Behind the Scenes[]

Commodore Adams was named for and partly inspired by the character of a similar name (but lower rank) played by Leslie Nielsen in the movie Forbidden Planet, so of course that's his Actor Avatar.