Regis 1

Jason Regis providing technical support for a Raptors Special Forces Unit

Jason Regis is a werewolf of the Glass Walker Tribe who served during the Ascension War as a captain in a Raptors Special Forces unit for the Earth Federation.


Regis was born in 2240. In 2258 he applied for and was accepted into OCS for the Tech Infantry after scoring exceptionally high on their entrance exam. He graduated as a lieutenant and was assigned to the Tech Infantry Technology Division. In 2260 he was transfered to the Raptors to provide technical support for unit assigned to hunt down draft dodgers on Wilke's Star, under the command of Major Bernard Dent, which also included William Bishop. Later, after the defeat of the Caal and the rise of the Holy Terran Empire, he stayed with the Earth Federation. He was promoted to captain and he continued to serve, along with Bishop, under the command of Major Dent in a Raptors Special Forces unit.

While physcially he does not fit the profile of a typical Raptors commando or the average Glass Walker Werewolf, his ability to configure technology equipment to suit the needs of the unit and his ablity to hack enemy computer systems and databases made him well known in the Raptors. His usefullness to his unit and his commander earned him their respect.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The name Jason Regis was chosen randomly and any resemblence to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. His Actor Avatar is Seth Green.

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