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Major General Joel Thomas Fabin was a werewolf who was a leading officer in the Tech Infantry. He joined with Sarah Dunmeyer and was there for the initial failed coup. Although he continued to lead a legion for the TI faction in the 3rd Civil War, he grew increasingly dissatisfied with Dunmeyer's handling of the war. He joined a coup plot led by fellow General Russell Fargus to overthrow and replace her. After the disaster of the Battle of Avalon, the coup was successful, and Fargus replaced the now-dead Dunmeyer as head of the Emergency Council. Unfortunately for him, the damage to the rebel cause had already been done, and the faction's forces were finally defeated near the end of the war. Fabin himself was eventually forced to abandon the rebel capital of Wilke's Star and is believed to have died after making a last stand in the Van Diemen system.

Fabin was also instrumental in the rise of the Dead Boys as a propaganda tool of the rebellion, and the cult of hero-worship formed around Alistar Dimiye. His troops were the ones that relieved Dimiye's forces on Hadley, and he commanded Dimiye in the subsequent campaigns on Epsilon, Babylon, and Avalon.

Behind the Scenes[]

Joel Fabin is a friend of Frank D'Antuono who once joked that "I'll never join the military with any rank less than Major-General." So he was entered into Season 4.3 as a major general. He was used in Alistar Dimiye's storyline as his connection to the political backstory.