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John Tyler negotiating with the Sabbat at one in of their safehouses.

Dr John Tyler is the leader of an independence movement on Van Diemen


Tyler was born in the upper-middle-class town of Perth located along the shores of Lake Alice south of Darwin on Van Diemen. His family had acquired a massive fortune by investing in Olin Corporation in the mid 21st century. Olin specialized in metallurgy, casting brass and other types of metal alloys that had a wide variety of uses, including certain types of technomagickal machinery. Over the centuries that followed the demand for these products increased dramatically due to mankinds increased expansion to planets across the galaxy. Due to Olin's effective leadership and hard working, committed employees, they were able to consistently win bidding wars with Federation contractors and eventually became the Federation military's chief supplier of numerous types of alloys.

Tyler attended high school at a very expensive private school in downtown Darwin. While receiving his secondary education, Tyler was inspired by the fortunes his family had made in the stock market and had a strong desire to learn about markets. Along the way he distinguished himself as highly gifted student and graduated in the top five of his class. He also applied and was accepted to New Princeton University on Avalon.

At New Princeton, Tyler double majored in economics and political science. After gradutation he pursued and received a PhD in economics at the University of New Chicago. During his studies, Tyler pioneered new statistical methods and was able to create sophisticated micro- and macro-economic models.

After graduation, he was hired as an economist for Olin Corporation's head office on Avalon. Several years later he replaced the senior chief economist. Later he became a major figure on the company's board of directors. Under his guidence and use of unique economic models, Tyler reorganized the company and started to focus upon expanding the company's facilities to increase production on the outer rim of planets, where new mines were constantly being opened and ores were cheap and plentiful. One system where he concentrated on increased production was Van Diemen.

Recent History[]

After the rise of Vin Dane and the massive increases in taxes on industries and companies, including Olin, Tyler resigned from his post and returned to Van Diemen. A major reason for his falling out with the new regime was his bitter view of their economic policies, which included heavily taxing major companies and their employees. At the same time, Tyler did not see the economic policies of the Federation as being significantly better.

Due to these views Tyler has began to quietly organize independence movement on Van Diemen. He has gained the support of the major businesses on the planet, because they view it as a means of lower taxes and increasing profits. More surprisingly, he has begun to attract supporters from among the working classes, as well. While he is not seen as being as charismatic as Chris Snyder, many of the residents are aware that he brought hundreds of thousands of jobs to Van Diemen when he was on Olin's executive committee. However, as his support base increased, so did the attention paid to the movement by the Imperial authorities on the planet, and they began to raid meetings and disrupt public demonstrations organized by the movement.

Involvement with the Sabbat[]

When the Sabbat began looking to expand their influence on other planets near Wilke's Star, they soon learned of Tyler's movement on Van Diemen. He was secretly contacted and offered their support in exchange for allowing larger numbers of their ranks to inhabit the planet. Due to the desperation of his situation and the increasing desire to have Van Diemen become an independent state, he accepted. This decision was also supported by his economic analysis of the situation where he calculated that the net profits of Olin and the other companies on the planet would be greater under a regime propped up by the Sabbat than it would under Holy Terran Empire or Earth Federation regimes.

Behind the Scenes[]

The name of this NPC was chosen randomly, but his early history is an adaptation of the family history of a friend that grew up with one of the players. Any resemblance to the 10th President of the United States is purely coincidental. His Actor Avatar is Peter Cushing, who also played the character the Tarkin System was named for.