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Josie Davis is a Forces Mage and a soldier in the Tech Infantry.

Early LifeEdit

Josephina Davis was born on Earth in 2241 to parents who were members of The Resistance. Her family was forced to flee three years later when Erich Von Shrakenberg destroyed the moon and devastated Earth for the final time. Captured a year later by Tech Infantry forces on Wolf, she was sent to an orphanage to be raised while her parents were incarcerated on G2. They were released five years later as part of an amnesty in exchange for joining the Federation Military. Both of them died fighting the Vin Shriak in 2251, and young Josie was sent back to the orphanage.

Military CareerEdit

Awakened as a Forces Mage like her parents at puberty, she was drafted into the Tech Infantry at age 16 in 2257, just in time to fight agains the K'Nes Tor at the tail end of the second Vulthra War. She was part of a unit that captured the K'Nes Crown Jewels during the final assault on Purrfang, and the bounty paid by the K'Nes Tourism Board for their return was spectacular, enough to make her a very wealthy young woman. However, the funds were placed in blind trust until the completion of her five-year term of enlistment. After fighting against Bugs in the Arachnid Quarantine Zone and on Fieras VI for the next four years, she reluctantly agreed to sign up for a second five-year term of service, agreeing that the Federation needed all the soldiers it could get.

When the Caal Invasion shattered the Federation soon thereafter, her unit did not make it back from the Arachnid Quarantine Zone to Avalon in time for the battle, and when news came of Vin Dane's dissolution of the Federation, her transport ship turned around and fled to join Joseph Smythe's rump Federation government on New Madrid. She was sent to secure the Federation's southern frontier, and was assigned to Soti's Slammers as part of a sniper squad under the command of Argus McCall. She participated in the capture of the INS Alistar Dimiye and the liberation of Kalintos, including the mission that killed Lord General Nicolai Malakov. During this time, she tenatively began a romantic relationship with fellow squadmate Ryan Sandburg, but this was tragically cut short when he was killed during the landing on St. Michael's Star.

Behind the ScenesEdit

She is named for Jody Davis, a former catcher for the Chicago Cubs and teammate of Ryne Sandberg. Her Actor Avatar is actress Rachel Nichols from GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, who was easily the best part of that turkey of a film.

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