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To a man like Treschi, those are punching bags, not funbags

The woman mostly known simply as "The Woman In Red", but once referred to as Juliette, was a top agent within the Internal Security service of the Earth Federation in the early 2240's. An ally of Victor McManus in the agency's internal power struggles, she also was secretly in contact with Samuel Wall during his period of exile in the Eastern Bloc. She played a key role in the plot to assassinate Arthur Clarke, both in planning its execution and in planning to thwart it by substituting Clarke's son Jon at the last minute. She was subverting her own plan because she knew Clarke was the last obstacle to the rise of Rashid King as Marshal of the Federation, and once his rise to power was complete, he'd have no further use for her and Juliette would be eliminated. King thwarted her scheming by recruiting Mark Smith without her knowledge and sending him to be the one to kill Clarke. After this, she moved closer to Victor McManus, but his expected rise to replace King as Commandant of InSec was thwarted by the surprise appointment of Herbert Gergenstein instead. As part of an Anti-Gergenstein coalition, Juliette allied with McManus, Wall, and Clarke to force Andrea Treschi to agree to an alliance between the Raptors and a newly reformed InSec under their control. But Treschi had bigger plans, and personally killed Juliette shortly after she had delivered to him the InSec mainframe database and the unconscious body of Gergenstein's personal secretary Lisa Quinlan as collateral to secure their alliance. Treschi betrayed his supposed new allies and allied (for the time being) with Quinlan instead.

Behind the ScenesEdit

She really is only referred to by name in the text one single time, and possibly by accident. Her last name is never revealed. Her Actor Avatar is Tricia Helfer.

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