Jump Point

An active jump point.

A jump point is a portal between hyperspace and normal space, opened by either a jumpgate or a gravity drive on a starship. Jump points can be opened by a variety of means, including gravitational bending of the fabric of spacetime, magical rending of the fabric of reality itself, or even sufficiently powerful atomic explosions.

Small starships are often not equipped to create their own jump points, and rely on either jumpgates or larger capital ships to open the path to hyperspace for them.  Most ships which are capable of opening such a jump point, can hold a jump point open long enough (and far away enough from the ship opening the point) for several other ships to pass through before the opening ship itself passes through.  A Battlecruiser or Dreadnought, for example, can open a jump point for itself and its escorting frigates, destroyers, and cruisers to pass through, or for a convoy of merchant ships.  This is one of the few advantages gravity-drive ships have over tunnel drive ships, as tunnel drive ships cannot bring other ships with them. 

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