Currently run by Pyek Haeun of Mungunwha and his court, the Commonality is not only a government, but the name of the telepathic communion that is shared between all members of the Jurvain race.

Official History[edit | edit source]

Having been repressed for years by humans, once the Federation fell, this alien race overthrew them with glee. With their telepathic union, the commonality was restored instantly, seizing control on every planet they lived. They want to live in peace, but fear their loss of independence without a fleet.

Actual History[edit | edit source]

Although their government was destroyed, the commonality was not. A telepathic government in exile was created in the minds of all Jurvain, with a pyek (emperor) and his court already established. They went along with the Fed administration of their worlds, some infiltrating their bureaucracy and passing that info to the pyek. So when the revolution happened, there was hardly any resistance. They see an opportunity for expansion and a chance to finally put the humans in their place.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

The concept of "commonality" and a semi-telepathic quasi-hive mind was stolen deliberately from Earth: Final Conflict. 

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