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Led by First Patriarch Pirr Varrless, the council is the provisional government of the K'Nes race.

Official History

Even though their government was overturned, life for the K’Nes merchants didn’t change, even without their empire. With the fall of the Fed, the five main trading houses unified and established a ruling council. They have a fleet, but few numbers, and intend to create a new balance among the universe’s races.

Actual History

The Varrless clan got together with their trading partners and formed a new government before any of their smaller rivals could. There are some small clan fights for dominance on worlds where the principal clan is unclear. However, they realize their position is tenuous, at best. As well as including any additional K’Nes clans that could be a threat to the new regime, they are just as concerned with external threats. Their goal is to dominate all trading lanes, so they believe that one dominant government is the biggest obstacle for that. So they will support any lesser faction in order to check a greater faction from threatening the balance.

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