A dense jungle on Kalintos

The Kalintos System is located in the southeast region of space near the intersecting borders of human, Jurvain, and K'Nes space.  Part of the Holy Terran Empire, it is ruled by House Francisco.


This planet was briefly settled by human refugees fleeing the First Civil War, but was conquered by the Jurvain during the Third Civil War.  It was developed by the Jurvain as an agricultural colony specializing in exotic jungle and forestry products grown on plantations concentrated along the equator.  Conquered by the Earth Federation along with the rest of the Jurvain Commonality in the late 2240's, Kalintos was reopened for human settlement after most of the Jurvain population was deported to the core Jurvain worlds.

After the Caal Invasion, Kalintos' governor refused to submit to the new Imperial order, but was invaded by the Holy Terran Empire in January of 2265, the first target on their campaign to conquer what was left of the Earth Federation.  Count Fearghal Moon was appointed ruler of the system and allowed to form House Moon to administrate it.  Before he could complete the conquest, however, an Earth Federation counterattack liberated the planet the following month, the Imperial Army forces surrendering following the death of Lord General Nicolai Malakov shortly after the first Federation reinforcements arrived.  A low-level insurgency of stranded Imperial Guard soldiers and Cult of the Emperor fanatics continued a campaign of terror bombings and guerrilla attacks for some time after that.

When the Federation counter-offensive against the Empire subsequently bogged down at St. Michael's Star, a Jurvain invasion once more captured Kalintos that May.  Low on troops after the Pyrrhic victory at St. Michael's Star, Earth Fleet could do little more than raid Jurvain shipping in the system until the subsequent death of Chairman Smythe and the final absorption of the Rump Federation into the Holy Terran Empire. The Jurvain would later trade Kalintos, along with Sarma, back to the Empire in exchange for a peace treaty guaranteeing no return of the Jurvain Quarantine Zone.  With Count Moon out of Imperial Favor after the war, the new House Francisco was formed to rule the planet on the Emperor's behalf.


The population of this planet is over one million and growing. The capital is Loud Water with a population of four hundred thousand located along the shores of the planet's largest sea near the equator with an incredible view of a massive waterfall at the mouth of the Hydora River as it enters Loud Water Bay.  The remaining population is spread among former Jurvain plantations and throughout the forests in small lumber towns and mining camps.


Kalintos has one major continent that surrounds the planet with small frozen seas covering the northern and southern poles.  The continent is mostly covered in very dense jungles and forests, with some trees over four hundred feet tall.  There is a scattering of small seas and large lakes throughout the vegetation.  With the exception of the areas near the polar regions, most of the air on this planet is very moist and humid.  In addition to the unique plant life found on this planet, there is also an unusual assortment of dangerous animals that inhabit this planet.

Season Eight alternate TimelineEdit

After the death of Emperor Chiang I, the remaining worlds of the former Jurvain and K'Nes Tor alien civilizations joined with a few recently-settled human colony worlds and declared their independence from the Middle Kingdom and the foundation of the new star nation of the Kalintos Republic, with its capital on Kalintos.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The name of the capital city, Loud Water, is in homage to a small city of the same name from the Forgotten Realms setting that is located along a river with water falls and rapids that is close to the High Forest, which is the largest forest in Faerun.  The geographic concept for this world is in homage to "Elven Star" written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, which is the second book of a seven book series called The Death Gate Cycle.  The setting for Elven Star is in a forest realm with no oceans and just a scattering of lakes and small seas and is very similar to the geographic characteristics of this planet.  The Hydora River is named for a planet in the Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles TV series.

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