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The Kalintos Republic was the perfect example of a political compromise. When the K'Nes Tor and the Jurvain Commonality were crushed after the Vin Shriak War, these border systems between the two nations were about to be absorbed into the Middle Kingdom. The inhabitants of these worlds joined forces and revolted against this rule. With imperial resources stretched thin already, they were granted their independence, on the condition that they could not return to their original nations. As a result, the Republic was born, and welcome all races within their borders.


Six systems, one nation!

The problem was that with two strong unification movements within their borders, plus a bunch of frontier humans who suffered under alien rule, there is fierce instability within the republic.

Behind the ScenesEdit

This was developed as a way to have more minor powers in Season 8. Unfortunately, not much thought went into this particular faction, and it was never used in gameplay.

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