A salvo of Katanas seen above Earth during a minor skirmish in 2190

The Katana Missile is a long-range anti-fighter missile used by the Eastern Bloc and other human militaries since the late 2100's. Continuously updated to keep pace with changes in technology, the basic form factor of the missile has not changed much over the decades, so it is compatible with a wide variety of launch platforms and mounting options, from internal weapons bays and external hardpoints on starfighters and even shuttles, to jury-rigged mountings on civilian or pirate starships, as well as fixed mounts on battlestations and defense platforms for Orbital Defense Networks. It has even been pressed into service as a ground-launched missle for use against atmospheric craft by Resistance units.

Originally built by Chin Hua Heavy Industries in Nagoya, manufacture was moved to their new facitlities on Showa, and later Edo, after the Eastern Bloc evacuated Earth. Since the fall of the Eastern Bloc, the manufacturing license has been taken over by Anshin Heavy Industries on New Tokyo, and the latest versions of the system have been used by Earth Federation and later Holy Terran Empire forces, as well as the Terran Republic Navy.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Never actually seen in-story, this is from a bit of technobabble Martin created for Season Eight but never found a use for.

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