A mighty warrior, but a lousy politician.

General Kathryn Wagenecht was the Chief of Light Infantry Operations first in the Earth Federation, and then in the Ministry of Public Safety.

Political Career

Kathryn Wagenecht was the type of person who rose through the ranks to Chief of Light Infantry Operations (the highest position in the Light Infantry) due to sheer ability and merit rather than ambition or political connections.  Chairman Arthur Clarke found this appealing, and consequently appointed Wagenecht to the Grand Council during his administration, where she became a political ally of Amanda Kait.  Unfortunately, this forced Kathryn into a political role she was ill-suited for, and she quickly became known for her blunt, heavy-handed, painfully obvious, and somewhat clumsy political maneuvering.

When the Caal Invasion shattered the Federation, General Wagenecht and her longtime friend Senator Aisha Ramirez retreated to the Phoenix system.  There they organized over a dozen Light Infantry planetary commanders into the Ministry of Public Safety, a temporary government that continued to enforce Clarke's martial law decree with the goal of maintaining law and order until the Earth Federation could be restored.

Essentially the number three person in the Ministry, General Wagenecht was charged with strengthening their unawakened Light Infantry forces, a need that became more urgent as human civilization devolved into a three-way civil war between the Holy Terran Empire, the Terran Republic, and the remains of the Earth Federation.  Her solution was to acquire better armor for her troops than their current unpowered delta armor, and she approached Anshin Heavy Industries on New Tokyo about their new and improved zeta armor.  Although unquestionably superior, the zeta armor was far too expensive to equip all Ministry troops with.

Desperate to obtain the zeta armor, Wagenect first orchestrated an assassination attempt on Ashin's CEO, Yasuyama Akihiro, which failed.  After that, she tried to kidnap Akihiro's son Yasuyama Takamitsu to ransom him for the armor prototypes, but that abduction attempt also failed.  Finally, she ordered an all-out raid on Anshin's corporate headquarters to seize the prototypes, which also failed.

By this time, she had seriously pissed off the Yasuyama family, a clan of powerful mages, and they retaliated by launching a raid on Sisko Hawke Barracks to assassinate General Wagenecht herself.  Although Kathryn manged to escape to Battlestation Yamato in orbit via transit beacon, she was killed shortly after by Yasuyama Akira the Younger.

Behind the Scenes

Storyteller Marcus Johnston named the character Wagenecht after someone he knew in high school who he thought had a cool last name.  Her actor avatar is Helen Mirren.

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