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Kazimir (center) toasting the success of the Epsilon Conference.

Kazimir Vitek was a werewolf who was the Chairman of the Terran Republic. His role as chief executive of the new government was entirely due to the fact that he was the son of Marko Vitek, the greatest hero of the Resistance.

Kazimir was born in August 2233 on Sanfran, Earth, at the heart of the Resistance's operations. At the age of ten, he was evacuated along with his family, while his father stayed and perished on the planet. He was later adopted by Charles Coppinger who took Vitek's family to Babylon, where they lived near his own family. After the 3rd Civil War, Coppinger became the planetary leader of the Resistance on that planet. Kazimir eventually joined his organization, and when Charles died, took over the group.

Vitek inherited a lot of his father's skills in diplomacy, working with many of the Resistance leaders to coordinate their efforts. With the Caal Invasion and the collapse of the Earth Federation, he moved to openly become the new government on Babylon. With his contacts, he was working towards a loose confederation of systems when the more formal Epsilon conference was called. There he manuevered himself onto the Steering Committee of the conference, eventually being named Chairman of the new Terran Republic. His influence moved the new capital to his seat of power, Babylon.

Kazimir was killed in an attack at his estate on Babylon by Scyr, when he burst a ship and several tons of ordinance in a cee-fractional strike against him. His loss destabilized the uncertain political balance in the Republic. He was replaced by his vice-chairman, Llora Vivas.