The Khan is a tribe of weretigers that are members of the Bastet.  They originated from northern India, the mountains of Tibet, China, and the northern areas of Siberia. 

Physcially, they are the most imposing of the Bastet and are considered the leaders of this group of Fera werecreatures. The Simba, consisting of werelions, dispute this because they consider themselves to be royalty, but there are some Bastet tribes that would die rather than acknowledge any leaders other than the Khan.

Most of the Khan are known for being creatues of action, and throw themselves with reckless abandon into the things that they support.

Historically, the Khan were involved with numerous wars and conflicts against werewolves, vampires, and evil humans. Yet, despite their physical strength, their numbers began to dwindle and they came close to extinction.  However, the formation of the Tech Infantry helped this tribe to increase in numbers, since they no longer had to fight and lose members to the evil injustices on Earth.

The most well known and highly regarded member of Khan recently was Arthur Clarke.  Both as Grand Council Chairman and as leader of the Raptors, Clarke gathered around him an elite personal guard of other Weretigers who answered only to him.

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