지윤 Picture

She's reading... is that a letter? I WONDER WHO IT IS FROM.

Kim Ji-yoon (김지윤, born December 31, 2246) is a mind mage and close friend of Yasuyama Takamitsu. The only child of Kim Dae-geon and Son Eun-gyeong, she is Kim Myeong-song and Lung Xiao-han's niece, as well as Kim Wen's cousin. Her aunt and uncle raised her on New Tokyo along with Wen and Takamitsu because her parents died in the Vin Shriak Holy War. She awakened in early 2264 and managed to avoid being drafted into the Tech Infantry in the midst of the Caal Invasion. She is presently doing an internship in computer programming with Anshin Heavy Industries and taking a semester off of classes at Aoyama Gakuin University's New Tokyo campus. When she was ten, she had a crush on Shinsuke, but he was packed off to the Tech Infantry before she told him. She has since realized that Shinsuke and Wen had a relationship while they were in the Tech Infantry together and has lost interest in Shinsuke.
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