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She's smiling at the thought of you on fire.

Kim Wen (Hangul: 김웬, Hanja: 金雯, born February 28, 2246) is a forces mage and cousin of Yasuyama Takamitsu. The willful, stubborn daughter of Lung Xiao-han and Kim Myeong-song, she prefers her mother's Taiwanese heritage to her father's Korean roots, going so far as to insist on her friends calling her by her mother's family name instead of her father's. Born and raised on New Tokyo, she awakened on her twelfth birthday, finishing her required service in the Tech Infantry in 2263 just before the Caal Invasion ravaged the Earth Federation. Wen and Wakamatsu Shinsuke served in the same unit for three years, for most of which they were secretly romantically involved. He was her excuse to not improve her English, since she preferred Japanese over English or Korean. Although Wen and Shinsuke have somehow managed to remain friends due to their mutual close ties with her cousins Takamitsu and Ji-yoon, they do not always get along well.