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"Vampire Kingdom" sounds cool, until you realize... you're not a vampire.

The Kingdom of Enoch began with the destruction of the Wraithlands on Earth. In 2196, the Black Hand makes a deal with the Earth Federation to allow ghouls to join the Tech Infantry. In exchange, they take ownership of a system (later called Enoch) on the rim of known space. Two years later, when the Wraithlands become uninhabitable thanks to the Bug Asteroid that wiped out Earth, the antediluvians moved out and formed the Kingdom of Enoch.


With the Black Hand leadership on the Rim, Mordred reformed the Sabbat, and challenged vampire controlled areas within the Earth Federation. Afraid of more defections, Ventrue, the King of Enoch, declared Mordred a wanted criminal. Mordred fled to Wilke's Star and formed a new headquarters there. Ventrue himself came along with the 10th Tech Infantry Legion, manned solely by Black Hand ghouls. In 2203, this force won their campaign against the Sabbat army, but it allowed Mordred to reach Ventrue, and diablerize him. The new Queen of Enoch, Arikel, declared war on the Sabbat starting the War of Blood.

War of Blood[]

Vampires slaughtered each other throughout the Fed, often in public, terrorizing the citizenry. Crusader divisions were deployed against both the Black Hand and Sabbat, send their fight underground. In 2225, Mordred decided to eliminate the Black Hand's interference in Fed affairs. He supported the The Resistance during the 2nd Civil War, which led to the TI disasterous landing on Wilke's Star, but makes the name of then Brigadier-General Sarah Dunmeyer. That eliminated the Sabbat's active support in the human conflict, but the War of Blood continued on, led from that planet. In 2236, General Arthur Clarke is ordered to finally eradicate all vampires from the planet. Mordred is assumed to have died, but actually remained dormant, hidden under a pile of rubble.

Final Years[]

Now believed to be dead, Mordred was able to operate the Sabbat more effectively, without interference from Crusader Teams. By 2241, his operatives were on the move again, including Fabian Cortez. He was able to infiltrate many of the Harrington daughter corporations and built their influence over the Fed. Through secretly manuevering many bureaucrats through proxies, he was able to convince Earth Fleet to finally eliminate the vampire threat from the Kingdom of Enoch. In 2255, they used a Dooms Day Device on the Enoch system, killing Arikel, and decapitating the Black Hand leadership. Without an antediluvian to serve, the organization fell apart, leaving Mordred supreme. The Kingdom fell apart and the remaining systems absorbed into the Fed.

Season 8 Alternate Timeline[]

With the Middle Kingdom, the Dooms Day Device was never used against Enoch, so the Kingdom existed. It didn't have much influence next to the vastness of the Middle Kingdom, but it still remained.

Behind the Scenes[]

Enoch was the name of Caine's vampire childe - the original second generation - who created the antediluvians. The vampire kingdom was rarely used in storylines, except Season 4.2, so it never had the impact of a regular faction.