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Basically a huge strike fighter, Light Attack Craft are stationed at Starbases and Battlestations for last-ditch orbital defense of planets, asteroid belts, jumpgates, and other fixed targets.  Too large to be carried in the launch bays of starships, these are used in a purely defensive role against commerce raiders and invasion fleets.  Their four engines are capable of high acceleration, but have a very limited range.  They also lack the fuel endurance to travel interstellar distances in hyperspace without refueling.  Their four Lance Torpedo Box Launchers give them a powerful anti-ship punch, and they are usually used in large numbers to swamp enemy point defense.  They also have four light chemlasers for defense against enemy starfighters, and a point defense laser system for protection.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The LAC-1054 was designed by Martin Hohner, based on an idea by Mike Turner.

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