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Larry Kabila is a Werewolf of the Silent Striders clan, and a soldier in the Tech Infantry.

Early LifeEdit

Larry Kabila was born on Van Diemen in 2239 to a family of retired Tech Infantry soldiers who had been given land grants on that world as a reward for long service. His parents were nevertheless recalled to service during the 3rd Civil War, and both died in action; his father when the ship he was on was destroyed during the Battle of Mars, and his mother was killed during the mopping-up of the former Resistance worlds at the end of the conflict. Orphaned at a young age, he was raised by close family friends who were also colonists on Van Diemen.

Military ServiceEdit

As a werewolf, he was drafted into the Tech Infantry at age 16, and fought in the Vulthra War and against the K'Nes Tor and Arachnid. He excelled as a scout, and soon transferred to the Tech Infantry Special Service and was sent to Officer Candidate School. Graduating as a Lieutenant in 2260, he spent two years as an instructor at a Basic Training camp on Avalon, teaching new recruits to be scouts and snipers. Returning to Raptor service and promoted to Captain, he took command of an elite team of special operations troopers on New Madrid in operations to take down dangerous awakened draft evaders. When the Caal Invasion came, he remained loyal to the Earth Federation and was soon promoted to Major and given command of a company in the Relief Expedition to Kalintos.

Behind the ScenesEdit

He is named for Laurent Kabila, the erstwhile president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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