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The Long Beach class of Heavy Cruisers were built shortly before the Third Civil War, and were the first (and only) non-capital ships ever built with the new second-generation Gravity Drives (which can generate jump points and gravity shields, but not propulsion).  This allowed easier transit into hyperspace, faster acceleration, better shielding, and better maneuverability.  They were also well armed, initially mounting six Lance Torpedo tubes, two Grav Lasers, four Chemlasers, sixteen Fusion Cannons, thirty particle phalanxes, and three squadrons of starfighters.  These versatile ships are designed for a wide variety of roles including escort, scouting, blockade running, and even planetary assaultusing a fifty-trooper Transit Beacon and a dozen assault pinances, it can land a company of Tech Infantry marines.  Therefore, these ships are designed with modular weapon mounts and equipment sections that can be switched at a spacedock to customize a ship to the needed role.  This class has a very advanced sensor suite and excellent stealth systems, including an auxiliary ion drive for low-speed maneuvers.

Known Ships[]

  • EFS Long Beach CA-73
  • EFS Leahy CA-74
  • EFS Belknap CA-75
  • EFS Colbert CA-77
  • EFS Houston CA-78
  • EFS Brooklyn CA-79
  • EFS Prinz Eugen CA-80 (Captured by TI Rebels early during Third Civil War, recaptured by Earth Fleet, in dock for repairs during Battle of Avalon).
  • EFS Bainbridge CA-82
  • EFS Truxtun CA-83
  • EFS Virginia CA-85
  • EFS Mississippi CA-86
  • EFS Slava CA-87
  • EFS Kresta CA-88
  • EFS Kynda CA-89
  • EFS Azov CA-90
  • EFS Hiei CA-91
  • EFS Aguirre CA-92
  • EFS Belgrano CA-93
  • EFS De Ruyter CA-95

Behind the Scenes[]

This class was designed by Martin Hohner, based on an original concept by Nathan Bax, and are named for famous cruisers, mostly post-world-war-two ones.