Luther Petridis

Wake up! Time to die...

Luther Petridis is a Gangrel vampire, and a member of the Sabbat.

Early LifeEdit

Luther was born in the mid 1600's, in a small town in Macedonia. His Greek father was a woodcutter, hunter, and trapper. His English mother was a merchant's daughter whose father had sickened and died while on a trading voyage to Istanbul, stranding his daughter in a faraway land.

At an early age, Luther gained a fascination for the wilderness and the wild beasts that lived there. While his father went to the nearby town to sell his firewood and furs, Luther would go into the forests and hunt the local wolves with a spear. Eventually, he was noticed by a group of Gangrel vampires, who took note of his courage, and decided not to use him a source of blood. Even though the vampires never approached him directly, Luther was well aware of their presence.

Years later, after his father had passed away, Luther followed in his footsteps and became a hunter and trapper himself. Occationally he would still hunt wolves and on one particular occasion he was surprised to find that they were actually werewolves. In spite of the fact that he was outnumbered, facing much stronger opponents, and armed only hand held weapons, he showed no fear. Fortunately for him, the werewolves in question had been themselves tracking and hunting a group of Gangrel vampires. The vampires noticed him, recognized him and his courage, and turned on their pursuers to come to his defense. Together, they defeated the werewolves.

Becoming a VampireEdit

Despite his victory, Luther was very badly hurt in the fight. The leader of the group of vampires offered to embrace him and welcome him into their clan. He accepted, and might have done so even if he had not been injured. In the years that followed he stayed with them. Eventually, this small group of vampires became tired of their lives in Macedonia and desired greater challenges. They moved to Athens and quickly adapted their rural hunting techniques towards hunting other vampire groups within the city. Eventually, their exploits reached the ears of the city's Prince, himself a high ranking vampire in the Camarilla. A Blood Hunt was declared, and the group was hunted down by the other vampires of the city.

Joining the SabbatEdit

The Camarilla managed to kill all of the other members of Luther's vampire group, but he himself managed to evade capture. For several years, he still managed to assassinate members of the Camarilla without getting caught. Eventually, his exploits became well known and attracted the notice of the Sabbat. A small group of Brujah Sabbat members visited the city. Among this group was a rising member named Santino. Santino with the help of others in his group managed to track down and find Luther. Santino offered him membership in the Sabbat and he accepted. Before leaving Athens with Santino and his group to start a new life elsewhere with the Sabbat, Luther and Santino managed to find and kill the Prince of Athens.

Recent HistoryEdit

Over the centuries that Luther worked for the Sabbat, his abilities have enabled him to become an extremely powerful vampire. Within the ranks of the Sabbat he is considered Santino's Paladin. In practice, he is just as respected as any Cardinal or Pricsus. And, within the ranks of the Sabbat his presence alone helps to secure Santino's position as Mordred's chief Lieutenant.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The first name Luther was chosen because it means warrior. His Actor Avatar is Rutger Hauer.

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