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The Luzon-class frigates are designed for prolonged patrol in the outer reaches of star systems.  They have more fuel than normal, and a longer-range sensor suite.  They also have a very effective stealth system for picket duty off enemy systems.  However, they are very lightly armed, not carrying any Lance Torpedoes at all, instead mounting oversized Fusion Cannons in unusual fixed mountings rather than turrets.  As such, they are not intended for fleet combat, just to alert home base and call in larger ships to deal with detected targets.  To extend their range of detection and attack, they are the smallest class of ship to carry starfighters, usually a half-dozen F-7 Corsairs.  They are also known as the "Island" class, as all the ships are named for islands on Earth That Was.

Known ShipsEdit

  • EFS Luzon FF-1023
  • EFS Leyte FF-1024
  • EFS Mindoro FF-1025
  • EFS Mindanao FF-1026
  • EFS Palawan FF-1028
  • EFS Cebu FF-1029
  • EFS Saipan FF-1030
  • EFS Tinian FF-1031
  • EFS Guam FF-1032
  • EFS Enewetok FF-1033
  • EFS Kwajelein FF-1034
  • EFS Tarawa FF-1035
  • EFS Betio FF-1036
  • EFS Guadalcanal FF-1037
  • EFS Corrigedor FF-1038
  • EFS Bougainville FF-1039
  • EFS Palau FF-1040
  • EFS Biak FF-1041
  • EFS Baffin FF-1042
  • EFS Ellesmere FF-1043
  • EFS Victoria FF-1044
  • EFS Surtsey FF-1045
  • EFS Okinawa FF-1046
  • EFS Java FF-1047
  • EFS Sumatra FF-1048
  • EFS Borneo FF-1049
  • EFS Sulawesi FF-1050
  • EFS Madagascar FF-1051
  • EFS Zanzibar FF-1052
  • EFS Tahiti FF-1053
  • EFS Samar FF-1054
  • EFS Oahu FF-1055
  • EFS Molokai FF-1056
  • EFS Kauai FF-1057
  • EFS Maui FF-1058

Behind the ScenesEdit

These ships were designed by Martin Hohner, and most use names recycled from a class of submarines he once designed for a fictional navy way back in junior high.

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