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Lwan Eddington is an Oracle of Life Magick and one of the most powerful mages in the universe. Originally a draftee of Maori descent, he proceeded to rise in the Tech Infantry hierarchy to become Marshal, until he was imprisoned and stripped of rank. Escaped from prison, he continues to roam the universe, appearing at the strange of times to key figures throughout history.

Bug War & 1st Civil WarEdit

After basic training, Lwan was made squad commander of the 86th Platoon of the Tech Infantry, alongside Fialla Spencer, Ben Richards, Adam Selene, and later Arthur Clarke, Maeve Harrington, and Richard Fox.

His unit managed to survive, despite overwhelming losses, throughout 2198 - the height of the Bug War. On one mission, Lwan was among those stranded by the crash of the transport ship EFS Aegis Blade on H4. The survivors managed to cobble together enough salvageable parts from their wrecked ship to patch together the also-crashed sister ship EFS Aegis Fang and escape the surface. While limping back to base, the ship came across a seemingly derelict spacecraft, the EFS Nightmare. Boarding the ship, they discovered an unauthorized secret research facility connected with what became known as Project Vitek. Selene was killed in that encounter.

For saving his team, Lwan was promoted to Lieutenant. With new recruits, the knowledge of Project Vitek forced the 86th Platoon to investigate the corruption of the 1st Triumvirate. This brought them to Asteroid X, a secret research facility in the Hrothgar System. As soon as they landed, the asteroid was attacked by Bugs, and found themselves in a hopeless situation and limited space on the escape ship. Lwan ordered the deaths of the researchers in order to escape the trap. This led to the rift between him and Arthur Clarke, who was determined to save the researchers.

As a clearer picture of the 1st Triumvirate emerged, they managed to connect with other factions, including Marko Vitek himself (their former drill sergeant). This kicked off the 1st Civil War and led to the downfall of Pyramus Grey.


Lwan stayed in the Tech Infantry after the 1st Civil War, instead of taking the opportunity to retire and become a citizen. He continued to serve honorably in the Bug War, rising to the rank of Colonel. He was said to have developed a relationship at this point with Captain Brigette Campbell, one of his subordinates.

It was his later marriage to Maeve Harrington that was to acclerate his political career. Through her connections, he was appointed to be the next Marshal and commander of all Federation armed forces. With her, he had two children, A.C. Eddington and Stephanie Harrington. However, Maeve's enemies saw this as a threat and combined together to form the 2nd Triumvirate. Lwan was accused of infidelity--a crime under the Military Code--and was put on trial. He was found guilty, stripped of all rank, and imprisoned on G2. The judgement was excessive, due to Maeve's influence, since the court to raise the crime's penalty to high treason, thanks to Lwan's high position. He escaped, ran for a while, and then was captured again and transported to the penal colony.

Prisoner & FugitiveEdit

Lwan spent 10 years in G2, missing the entire 2nd Civil War, and took the opportunity to reflect on his life. He experimented with life magick, finding new ways to grow plants on the deliberately barren world. It was this imprisonment that increased his ability to Oracle status.

When the Orb reemerged in this universe, Lwan sensed it, and escaped with several other prisoners out of the hyperspace disruption zone. Despite their animosity with each other, Lwan contacted Arthur Clarke and they ordered the construction of the Fuji Depository on New Tokyo, a magickal stronghold from which to hide the Orb from reality. (It was later stolen by Xavier Pollos.)

Afterwards, he left to roam the universe. He has been spotted in the past thirty years, most notably by Erich Von Shrakenberg. It's uncertain what his motives are now.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Marcus Johnston went with a Maori character after watching the classic film "Once Were Warriors." The name "Lwan" came out of thin air, because it sounded vaguely foreign (this was the pre-Google internet era; Marcus couldn't just look a list of Maori names up). Naturally, his Actor Avatar is Temuera Morrison, the lead actor in that film.

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