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He's both a lover AND a fighter... just not a very good businessman.

Miao K'Rowr M'Rowr was a K'Nes and cousin, employee, and pilot to Heth. He organized the first mercenary company for his corporate clan, Miao Mercantile, Inc.

Early Life[]

Born in 2232 on Nhur to a lesser pride of the Miao clan, M'Rwor displayed an early talent for screwing up. His love of partying and hot-headed nature, combined with little respect for authority and poor business skills, quickly ruined his reputation as a businesscat and led him deep into debt. In 2240 his frustrated clan leased him to the K'Nes Tor Army for five years.

Military Career[]

After getting some discipline beat into him, M'Rowr found the military life suited him well. He qualified for the elite planetary invasion coprs, was trained as an assault shuttle pilot, and eventually got promoted to Equite (Corporal). He also met a fellow Tor Army hunter named Surra and the two entered into a reproductive partnership.

Third Civil War[]

In 2243 the humans' 3rd Civil War erupted, and K'Nes Emperor Horrath VI took advantage of the chaos to try to expand the K'Nes Tor's territory (officially for more "living space," as the war coincided with the K'Nes mating cycle). M'Rowr served under Ujona (later Praetor) Narrah, and fought in the battles of First Midgar, Andersvald, Second Midgard (agasint General Alastar Dimiye), and New Tokyo. During this all, he and Surra somehow manged to concieve a litter of ten kittens.

First Vulthra War[]

Both M'Rowr and Surra served garrison duty during the brief First Vulthra War in 2253 between the humans and Vulthra (which the K'Nes Tor narrowly avoided getting dragged into, despite it being fought across K'Nes space). The next K'Nes mating cycle began the year after (2254), resulting in another litter of eight kittens being born to M'Rowr & Surra.

Second Vulthra War[]

Three years later, the Second Vulthra War broke out. Once again, M'Rowr served under Praetor Narrah at Midgar and Andersvald. The K'Nes lost the later battle, and M'Rowr was injured and taken prisoner by the Federation. By now, several cubs from M'Rowr's first litter were old enough to fight in the Tor Army, and two were killed in the desperate defense of the K'Nes Tor imperial capitol on Urrin.

Human Occupation[]

The humans relased their K'Nes prisoners of war, but also disbanded the Tor Army. With few other job skills, a planetary recession, and too many cubs to feed, M'Rowr was desperate enough to take the dangerous (but well-paying) job as a cargo ship pilot for Miao Mercantile's nascent smuggling opperations.

Caal Invasion & Aftermath[]

Despite the Caal Invasion in 2264 shattering the Federation and the K'Nes planets declaring independence and forming the K'Nes Llan, life didn't chnage much for M'Rowr.

His big break came when his smuggling ship, the Bountiful, was assigned a new manager, Heth. A distant younger cousin of M'Rowr's, Heth had been a rising star in Miao Mercantile Inc before being disgraced in a scandal where he broke a contract with an important customer (the Holy Terran Empire) and was demoted to managing a smuggling ship. Befriending his new boss, M'Rowr slowly earned Heth's trust by helping him with his political and economic plotting, and eventually became Heth's assistant and bodyguard. He even became inspired by Heth's commitment to K'Nes independence. When Heth cleared his name, was leapfrog promoted to Director of Security, and assigned the Miao super-freigher Avarice, Heth had M'Rowr transfered with him. M'Rowr suddenly found himself co-pilot of one of the best ships of Miao Mercantile (and possibly the entire K'Nes Llan).

Shortly after being offered a crucial contract by Federation Chairman Joseph Smythe, Heth promoted M'Rowr to middle managment and tasked him with organizing Miao Mercantile's first mercenary company - in one day. M'Rowr suprised everyone (including himself) by rising to the challenge and assembling a swarm of eighteen K'Nes hunters (including his mate Surra and some of thier cubs) complete with rifles and power armor, and he even manged to recruit Narrah to command the new company.

In the new company's first major combat action, the rescue of anti-Imperial resistance fighters beseiged in a Cialt Brotherhood monastery on Cronos, M'Rowr was killed covering the escape of Heth and the rest of his unit. Thanks in part ot M'Rowr's sacrifice, the company successfully rescuedEdwina Smythe, Xinjao O'Reilly, Abbot Angus MacAries, and many others from the monastery before the Imperial Army nuked the site.